Jonathan Saunders @ Edinburgh International Fashion Festival

Fashion Designer Jonathan Saunders yesterday at the fourth Edinburgh International Fashion Festival.

Supported by Zero Waste Scotland, this years festival focused on themes of sustainability, digital relevance and education within the fashion industry. On Saturday Jonathan spoke about his infamously exacting Central Saint Martins tutor and mentor, the late Louise Wilson OBE. "She pushed us to have our own personality and individual aesthetic". Saunders went on to reveal she even let him work shifts at a print studio when he should have been at college because she knew it would enable him to print his collection. "She was always asking, what's you're point of difference?".

Stuart Cosgrove - Detroit 67: The Year That Changed Soul

Fantastic Q&A with Stuart Cosgrove at the Sub Club's temporary cultural pop-up, Sub Hub in collaboration with Kiltr. 

The broadcaster, journalist and soul superfan does more than simply scratch the topcoat of Motor City history in his brand new book 'Detroit 67: The Year That Changed Soul'. Turning soul detective, Cosgrove has researched and debunked the cliched myths of Motown to unravel what really happened over one year from January to December. Although many of the book's striking images are black and white, the story is not. Spine chilling accounts from the real characters behind the scenes reveal the complexity of this pivotal time.

In its first week, 'Detroit 67: The Year That Changed Soul' has become a soul & gospel music Amazon best seller!

Stephen Sheriff and Sam Robertson

Writer/director Stephen Sheriff and actor Sam Robertson talk turkey ahead of Sam's exciting move to LA.

Paolo Nutini

Paolo was in great spirits on Saturday night after his sold out show to a home crowd of 13 thousand fans at Glasgow Hydro.

He was also celebrating his birthday so thought he might like one of our OMARINA Georgian lover's eyes.

He does!

David Mullane from W2 Store speaks @ the Scotland Re:Designed 2014 Glasgow Showcase

David Mullane

Having founded one of the city's most knowing menswear boutiques 'W2 Store' David is well placed to offer insight into what retail buyers are looking for from designers. He placed the first ever UK retail order for Ann Demeulemeester, has a long standing working relationship with Comme des Garcons and brought the Antwerp Six to Glasgow whilst Merchandise Director of seminal 80s/90s designer store The Warehouse.

David's top tips for designers:

*Never prefix an email with "Dear Sir/Madam".

*Do your research and find out some info about potential buyers.

*Make sure your cash-flow can sustain the manufacture of any orders.

*Exclusivity is attractive to buyers, multiple stockists in the same city is not.

*Be aware of seasonal buying cycles and make appointments well in advance.

*Don't hard sell, give buyers time to think how your collection could fit into their store.

*Be knowledgeable and enthusiastic about your product.

*Visit art galleries!

W2 Store

Scotland Re:Designed

Halloween 2014 @SWG3



SWG3 Starring:

Thunder Disco
Stay Fresh
& Sub Rosa