DIOR sunglasses - five ways!

Trevor and Phillip

DJ Jube - Thunder Disco

Wine Splodge

Gary - woopwoo.com


 Dior sunglasses - Jube's own.

Mirror Lands with Mark Lyken and Emma Dove

Artist/filmmakers Emma Dove and Mark Lyken at the CCA premiere of Cryptic Nights: MIRROR LANDS last night.

Superb film and sound installation Mirror Lands runs till Sunday at the CCA Glasgow, before moving on to Inverness.

Blancmange live @ Broadcast Glasgow

Neil Arthur - Blancmange

Blancmange were magnificent Last Thursday at Broadcast. The band played the whole of their debut album 'Happy Families' live for the first time, the very latest technology lending a lively improvisational feel. The venue was rammed with old and new fans and some cracking banter flew back and forth throughout the entire set. (And afterwards over a few pints!)

David Rhodes (fresh from Peter Gabriel's recent tour) also joined the line-up.

Took this little bit of video. Glasgow loves Blancmange ...and turns out Blancmange love Glasgow!

You can see the remaining Happy Families Too UK tour dates on the facebook event page HERE.

Blancmange official website

Ian Crawford - El Rancho Records

Ian Crawford, head honcho at Glasgow record label El Rancho at last Saturday's fantastic El Rancho gig at The Old Hairdresser's. Line up included You Said Strange, Kill Surrrf and NME band of the week Baby Strange!

El Rancho on facebook