The Glasgow Vintage Company

This weekend, Mari and Gavin O'Brien opened their new shop, The Glasgow Vintage Co. in Kelvinbridge.

The shop unit is of a certain vintage itself and the long hidden 'Glasgow "Dairy" Company' signage has been salvaged and sensitively customised to suit its new mantle.

There's a remarkable selection of men's, women's and children's 'retro and vintage' clothing, all displayed in an orderly fashion over two floors.

Music wise, they're not churning out any old tat either, Nico lamented as I petted an exceptional collection of structured leather handbags.

The boys get the basement.

You lucky guys, John Steed would be jolly well pleased with this set up...

Mari O'Brien with husband Gavin who himself has quite a provenance in this field, his family run the legendary Edinburgh second hand institution Armstrong's, established in 1840 (that's not a typo). His vintage store Watermelon, just up the street, has been going strong since 2005.

The Glasgow Vintage Co.
453 Great Western Road,

0141 338 6633

Monday - Thursday 11-5.30
Friday - Saturday 11-6
Sunday 12-5.


  1. Looks great, I will pay a wee visit next time I'm in the West End.

  2. I wish there were vintage shops like this in Manila! feel soooo deprived!


  3. Pam, it's well worth making time for and Nina, perhaps you should set up your own vintage shop in Manilla! x

  4. The Glasgow Vintage Company shop and watermelon more recently was renovated by a Company who specialise in property refurbishments, CONTRAHO LTD. Their Website

  5. This is an incredible shop! Great value for money and a lovely atmosphere.