We Love To Boogie

Having tried playing along with the Glasgow Subway Festival yesterday, and on the whole being a bit underwhelmed, I had much more luck today. A Sunday stroll to the 'Subway Festival Fashion Fayre' was pretty fruitful. Found a fab sapphire coloured cocktail ring for £10 on the 'We Love To Boogie' stall.

In fact when another customer who'd also fancied it twigged I was actually buying it there was nearly a bun fight, but hey-ho that's vintage darling, no two the same and all that.

Another stall that had me mesmerized was 'Global Guru' by Morag Macpherson. Morag, a graphic artist, wasn't there herself but her card reads "Limited edition patterns created for fashion and interior accessories", I think that's scarves and cushions.

From a kaleidoscopic range of scarves, all digitally printed on 100% silk, it came down to either a psychedelic one [my usual preference] or this one. Ok, so this one was reduced to £10 and the other full price at £25 but it really was my favourite in the end. Must have been in a blue mood today, what with my ring and scarf matching and all....I do that quite often, come back from the supermarket and discover all the items I've bought are the same colour. Weird.

Found these reasonably tasteful bags this week for 39p in Sainsbury's.

The Glasgow Underground Song

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