Cardonald Fashion Show 2009

Thursday night was the Cardonald College End of Year Show '09 at Glasgow's Old Fruitmarket. Took lots of pics so here are my favourites from across all the collections.

Not normally a fan of tartan at Scottish fashion shows but this totally worked, Bay City Rollers ripe for some plundering me thinks.

Have recently been wearing trousers just like these in charcoal silk crepe, much to the bemusement of some, feel totally vindicated now.

Barbie does Diana Ross....Love this crazy confection of a dress....On first impression it defies good taste but is actually quite over the top in an avant-garde way. For this years Oscars, stylist Rachel Zoe tried to put Jennifer Garner in something very similar, the star chickened out and went for black instead. 

(And here's Rachel having her assistant try on the dress intended for Jennifer Garner.)

Lots of Gareth Pugh-esque monochrome.

These neons looked amazing and the dungaree/overalls reference was bang on.

I don't do uniforms, but if I did, (and we were in a galaxy far, far, away) I'd pick this one.  " I will take you to our leader...Pam Hogg is our leader"..... 

Rick Owens would be proud.

^ Play this short film to see a blast of the show, you gotta love those first years! In my day it was canteen tables tied together and 'Pump Up The Jam' on a loop, but that's progress for you.


  1. Cheers for the picture an comments mine is the first collection! I'm the guy with the fag hangin out his mouth looking ridiculous also in the "spotted at the fashion show!

  2. I totally loved your look which is why you're in "Spotted At The Fashion Show" and congratulations on a great collection too.