Matt Black Lamborghini @ Monte Carlo Casino

Got this bag free with June's 'Elle'. Normally free stuff with magazines are a pile of old tat but this couldn't have been more perfect for the Italian Riviera (apart from the "I love urban outfitters" stamped on one side.) Here it is carrying our lunch in San Remo.

Next day we drove to Monaco.

Lots of seriously glitzy shops, not so glitzy tourists and no end of serious cars.

I was just thinking how sad it was that all the tourists were photographing other peoples impossibly expensive cars...until I spotted this crazy matt black Lamborghini parked right outside the Monte Carlo Casino. Very Dark Knight. I turned tourist and took two shots.

Do we know if batman has a gambling problem?

Did a bit of research and think this is a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 in 'Nero Nemesis' (matt black).
Ok, so I might be a little into cars after all.
Anyway, the whole look also put me in mind of Transformers or something...

Which in turn put me in mind of one of my favourite pieces of jewellery...

This acrylic and suede wristlet didn't break the bank and is by a brilliant Scottish jewellery designer called... ahem...well that's just it I can't remember. Back in December we were joking together about how I was her "Number one fan" (think she meant stalker), first there was the Q.M.U. craft fayre, then Glasgow School of Art, The Lighthouse....I'd have been able to tell you her name straight away and to my shame it's now gone, as has her business card.

This is my necklace from the same brilliant designer who actually hand-cuts each acrylic component herself.
If anyone knows this designer please leave a comment with her name.

Am I taking this too far now?


  1. Designer: Caitlin Urquhart.. label: CuCu

    Has since created some fantastic embellished jumpers!
    Keep a look out!

  2. That's brilliant Jen, thanks so much for that!