Dipsy Void a.k.a. Angela Canavan

Zombie Porn Factory @ Majestic Laundrette was a fascinating Art/music/fashion event which took over a laundrette and cafe in Glasgow's Finnieston for one night only.

I asked Angela Canavan about her own label 'Dipsy Void'...

"Dipsy Void, is a name I came up with on a night out drinking in 'Black Sparrow', Viki, Eva & I were messing around making up each others ‘porn star’ names, where you take the name of your first pet and your mothers maiden name and put them together. I misheard Viki’s and thought it was Dipsy Void. Eva & I then used the name to DJ under in various venues throughout Glasgow."

"When I started selling vintage clothing to outlets such as 'Retro' and 'Mr.Benn', I continued to use the name. So when it came to exhibiting my manga illustrations and clothing at The Zombie Porn Factory, it seemed sensible to continue to use Dipsy Void."

"I myself did not attend Art School; however Victoria (Bulmer) completed a textiles degree in Dundee. Where she met some of the artists involved in the night, others are just people we know from the Glasgow area, such as Esca and Mags."

"Hosting the Zombie Porn Factory has been an incredibly enjoyable experience. It started off as this madcap idea of having a night out in a random venue – like a laundrette. This then grew arms and legs, into this vagrant art exhibition, which instead of taking itself way too seriously, encouraged everyone to enjoy them-selves for one night and to completely disappear the next day. Leaving everyone scratching their heads and trying to determine weather or not the whole thing was a figment of their imagination."

"We are really happy with the reception we had in Glasgow, we have had some interest from London to hold a one off Zombie Porn Factory perhaps in Dalston, Shoreditch or Brick Lane, which we are taking into consideration at the moment. For now though just keep your ears open and your eyes peeled for the next festering instalment of The Zombie Porn Factory, who knows where the next one will be? An old fruit shop or barbers perhaps?"
Angela Canavan.

If you are interested in buying any of the art or clothing from The Zombie Porn Factory, just drop them line www.myspace.com/zombiepornfactory

Thanks Ang for letting me pick your 'zombie brains' x, Style Scanner.

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