Che Camille

Che Camille's looking sh*t hot right now, so I took these pictures on my recent visit.

A dress tiole with fitting notes marked on.

Here's Rab, designer of Rabii Denim in the designer workshop. He honestly doesn't normally look this camp...

I love the way this corner of the store's been styled - could move in, quite easily.

Crazy wool dress by Hibernate.

The only way you can't have heard of Che Camille is if you've been in hibernation yourself, but just to make sure, here's the gist...

Back in 2006, sparky New Yorker Camille Lorigo set up a studio/shop on the 3rd floor of 'The Chateau', a near derelict Victorian building in the Gorbals. A hotbed of artistic talent, it sadly burnt down in an arson attack in 2007.

Undeterred, Camille moves the shop to Glasgow's East End and starts picking up lots of industry awards.

2009 - and the newest showroom/designer workshop is pretty much the entire top floor of another Victorian building, but this time, smack bang in the city center.

Well, she is a New Yorker, so I guess what we Brits call "the top floor of an old building" is, to Camille, "the penthouse" and most prized of all, right?

Think of it as a launchpad for new designers in all disciplines.

Scotland inevitably leaches designers to the fashion capitals, so this way we get to have them for that bit longer.

Exciting times ahead, there's the 'Dragon' mentor/investor Shaf Rasul on board, the modelling agency 'La Vrai Beaute', the record boutique...

Wednesday 8th September from 6.30pm- 9pm there's a launch party for the shop's 'Knitwear Month'. The after hours entrance is round the back, in Sloan's Lane.

Thursday 9th sees a catwalk show in the Bo Concept, yes, I did say Bo Concept, flagship store on Sauchiehall St, Glasgow.

'Lucky Bitch' cuffs.

And aren't we the lucky bitches, to have Che Camille right here in Glasgow?

*From Buchanan Street enter the Argyll Arcade,
-walk a few paces until you see a staircase on the left,
-call the lift and go to floor 6.

(If you ever had to navigate that pitch black stairwell in the Chateau, you'll know what luxury this lift is!)



  1. I always head to the stairwell to go to the new shop then don't do it because I'm always convinced I'll end up in the back of some jewellers and I'll get caught because they'l think I'm trying to rob them! So I haven't visited it yet. One day though.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Wish I were there. I'll be for a visit in a month or two!

    Thanks for your comment!


  3. Totally loving that Hibernate dress, not sure I'd ever be able it off myself, but I'd happy admire it hanging from the rail!

    The chunky style of the Lucky Bitch bracelet is brilliant too, they'd do a great job of dressing down some outfits to give them that more urban feel.

    Thanks for sharing the photos!

  4. I know what you mean Queen Michelle, it does feel like a leap of faith but if you hop in that lift, (floor 6 I think), then I'm sure a warm and regal welcome will await.

    Taryn I was so inspired by that boot post the other day I dug out my vintage army boots and set to them with some 'parade gloss'.

    And Michelle, I couldn't pull off that Hibernate dress either so might just console myself with a black 'Lucky Bitch' cuff!

    Thanks for your comments.x

  5. The clothes are adorable!!!

    Thanks for your lovely comment in my polaroid! :)

    Your blog is great! I will start to follow!

  6. I might be brave and go in next week.