Partick 'V' Paris Fall Fair

Partick Train Station, revamped.

And looking un petit peu like Charles de Gaulle below, non?

Zut Alors! - the postman's nicked all my invites to Paris fashion Week, so I landed straight back to Glasgow with a bump. One invite did make it though, The '72nd Glasgow Scout Group Annual Fall Fair' - don't laugh, it's an underground institution and is the reason I found myself at the newly redesigned Partick station on Saturday.

Finding out about this mammoth jumble sale is a bit of a black art. The smoke signals started on Friday evening when Angus, who knows the right people, texted to say there was activity and that a start time would be messaged soon.

The Tents:
It helps if you don't think of the Fall Fair as 'tents of tat in a muddy field' but more an historical department store without walls, which materializes once a year and vapourises shortly afterwards. Magical.

I snagged a front row spot in Ladies Clothing...

Uh, oh, I'm lapsing back into my old ways, just bought another sewing machine for £2 from a scout, this makes a total of 4 at home - " just in case", I'm going to be in big trouble. Now I've gone and bought some Edwardian ice skates, and yes I do thank you very much... about once every 5 years. 

Please someone save me from myself, where the hell is Angus anyway? Semaphore would be perfect for a flash mob situation like this. Mustn't look at that electric organ, it's drawing me in....Hey, there's Gus.

Looks like he's going to be in big trouble too, that's a tripod under his arm to go with the other 11 at home, ha, ha, compared to him, I'm on Easy Street.

More pictures of my booty, so to speak.

A hard stool.

Early 70's book on 'The Camera' - might even learn how to take a decent picture!

Live footage, my film could probably do with some of the quality control these discerning ladies are exhibiting...


  1. Hello!
    Found your blog completely by accident as I was googling for Caitlin Urquet and her label CuCu and I found it mentioned on here. Anyway...I just thought I would let you know about a new fashion magazine that has just launched that is dedicated to supporting and promoting the scottish fashion industry. It would be great to hear your thoughts! I will add your blog to our scottish blogroll, and we would love you so much if you could do the same.

  2. Hi,
    That looks really interesting, can't wait to see the magazine! I've added your site to my blogroll.
    Thanks for letting me know about it!

  3. love the top pictures