Double Vision

Moments after snapping the untypically casual Roddy (above), this spiffy fellow with the banjolele case drifts into the quiet Uisge Beatha bar. Don't know if it was down to my 'tipping a few' Talisker 10yr old, but I thought it was interesting how similar their formal grey 'waistcoat and hat' looks were for a quiet Sunday night at the local gin joint.

Despite the schnozzle, Seamus was killing Roddy's hat.


  1. Loving the hat :)

  2. Cool pics!!!

    If I do a full lenght and one pic of the shoes... then it will not be singular anymore! hahaha
    Or one or the other... (I just do one polaroid per person.. one polaroid per event.. one polaroid per post)

    I hope the sun will shine soon in Paris and in Scotland! :)

  3. Thanks guys and you're quite right Antonio, I was just being greedy, I love that you only do one polaroid. (Actually I love your shots that don't come out almost as much!). x