Cosy Cafe

A few Sundays ago I popped along to the Woodlands Jumble and Craft Fayre.

Amongst a serious looking spread of dusky vegan cakes and hand made cards, there were some decorative and darned jolly items being knitted by wholesome appearing girls.

The 'Coffee Cosy' above stood out as beautiful yet useful, William Morris would have approved, it's pocket size and unbreakable too. Wool's a natural insulator so think of all the cardboard sleeves it could save.

I tested it at nearby Biblocafe, to the amusement of chatty proprietress Louise, who became untypically tight-lipped as she obligingly removed my coffee cup's cardboard sleeve and helped me on with its little pullover.

The soft wool became instantly warm and the texture offered a reasonable grip.
Wait a minute, that sounds familiar...

Think it's going to be a great comforter when Archie's not around.

Coffee cosy by Toni Bonner,


  1. very nifty, I've been seeing these coffee cozies appearing more and more now. that is one CUTE dog too!

  2. That's so cute, better than the little woolen hats you get on the smoothies in Sainsburys this time of year.

  3. What a cute furry little fellow :)

  4. Don't be fooled by Archie's cute looks - he's a naughty little scamp who's got his sights set on my coffee cosy! x