Gillian Harvie - Shear Delight

'Cutter' broach in silver by Gillian Harvie, Glasgow School of Art.

I'd ordered the silver 'Cutter' broach at the 'Jewellery Department Christmas Sale', Designer Gillian Harvie called last week to let me know it was ready for collection. Here it is next to my own shears. I hadn't realised that just like real scissors, the blades are hinged and can be opened and closed. What fun!


  1. Make sure you head down to the Jewellery section of the Glasgow School of Art Degree Show in June so see more of Gillians fabulous creations. (and mine!)

  2. Thanks for another great tip Allyson, can't wait to see how your 'thimbles' develop!
    NW London Girl.... Glasgow does have a few surprises!