Comanechi, Holy Mountain & DIVORCE? Monday night was hard...

I blame that AC/DC album that's been kicking about all weekend because 'rocking out' on a school night really appealed last night. Besides, Midweek-enders are much more fun.

The nearby Captain's Rest was the siren's call.

Holy Mountain who performed in the middle of the crowd even had the 'hipsters' headbanging. Imagine Hendrix joined Black Sabbath ...actually don't bother...still wouldn't sound anything like this!

Glasgow's DIVORCE, yes I know she looks like butter wouldn't melt but they got some serious mosh pit action going in this small venue.

Comanechi. Akiko put on special boots to play the drums, quickly broke one of the drums, surfed into the crowd, performed a spectacularly thrashy set and gave us some great chat.

She finished up with "My Pussy"...

Soon after, someone crashed onto the stage 'taking out' this piece of kit in the process. Grey cowboy boots? Nice.

For once I made the right choice of footwear myself, my slightly too big WW2 combat boots got a rare outing.

Comanechi could have been a bit louder though...only joking, my ears are still sizzling with white noise.

I do try not to swear too much but...

"Fuck yeah..!"


  1. I love your choice of boots :-). They remind me of Rick Owens spectacular footwear. It definately looks a like a great party!I bet it was noisy! :-)))

  2. Denim, noise, leather, hair, sweat, guitars, fx peds, clatty gutties............. Durty Durty Durty Durty Durty. Next you'll take a revisionist stance on the merits of Motorhead-v-Girlskool's "Valentine's Day Massacre". And then, well, I think we all know where that leads, and it's not pretty.....

  3. Couture Millinery Atelier, thank you - that you think my boots look anything like the work of Rick Owens makes me very, very happy.

    Brian, you are hilarious! Strangely liking your durty chat too, which is a worry...x
    Ps. For the record: I adhere firmly to the widely accepted paradigm regarding the merits of Motorhead-v-Girlskool's "Valentine's Day Massacre"!

  4. Thanks Antonio, wonder if your polaroid camera would have survived the mayhem that night...? x