Poppy Scotland

Back in May, I was asked to design this costume for Poppy Scotland's new educational film for children. Pictured is Cora who plays "Miss Poppy Scotland", she's being interviewed in a Parkinson style format about the history of the Earl Haig Fund.

Scottish poppy lapel pin

It was fun to have a brief return to costume just before the wedding dress season started in earnest. The director, my old pal David Council, asked that the poppy head remain "Really soft looking but rigid enough not to flop over"...
The first attempt was completely unsuccessful, although Peter Gabriel might have liked it!

Peter Gabriel

In the end, the answer was an elaborate armature of steel boning, repeated over and over in a pentagram shape. I had to keep trying it on to check how floppy/rigid it was, so, along with everything else, God only knows what the neighbours opposite think goes on here.

I remembered the costume on a walk through Glasgow's George Square one evening before Christmas.

This commanding sepia photograph of a lone soldier caught my eye. Simultaneously, my ears fill with the legion screams of adrenalized teenagers...
all enjoying the Square's 'Irn-Bru' Christmas Carnival.


  1. wow i love it! it's insane!


  2. It looks really good!

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  3. The costume looks fantastic.Even the one for Peter Gabriel looks great to me - very Dali like I would say."Poppy Scotland" - sounds very happy and smily.:-)

  4. it was a bit insane and yes 'Very Dali' x