Where There's Muck There's Glass

Although I've been widely known to mortify friends with my 'dumpster diving' antics, I really did think twice about rescuing these old milk bottles.

They were cuddling each other in a pile of farm junk awaiting collection in South Wales.

What the hell, let's call it extreme recycling.

Soaked them in a bucket of soapy water and shook out the debris, a green nylon scouring pad jiggled around inside did the rest.

The embossed text reads 'Conway's Dairy, Merthyr'.

A spot of googling unearthed this image of Conway's Dairy.

Fresh as a daisy and as good as old!

If you don't fancy getting your hands dirty, Bailey's Home and Garden will sell you one of these American milk bottles for £12. A great shop but remember that in Bailey's, a bucket with a rusty hole in it may cost more than a new one!


  1. Oh they look so good! Very impressed lady.

  2. That is such a great concept! :)

  3. I am related to the Conway family who owned Conway's Dairies in Merthyr Tydfil...fascinating to see pics of the bottles! My mother is the daughter of one of the founding directors of the company

  4. Wow, that's fascinating Neil - feel rather guilty now for sneaking the bottles out of Wales! Do you have any of the Conway bottles or paraphernalia yourself?