My Bloody Valentine

Nothing against Valentine's Day per se, it's just that, in execution, any conventional participation feels excruciatingly naff and vaguely immature. However all that bleeding sentiment does provide the feintest excuse to post this collection from Josephus Thimister who has just shown in Paris for the first time in 9 years. The former head of Balenciaga kicked off the Paris Haute Couture season a few weeks ago with this shockingly good (self-financed) collection, 'Bloodshed and Opulence'.

OK, so the bloodied trousers may be a little over the top but a lot of the garments do look distinctly wearable.

I've been channeling these colourways for one of my own projects, which might be why I've homed in on this collection so much.

Josephus Thimister, explaining what influenced his collection...

Oh dear, what with all that talk of war and bloodshed, one thing led to another and before I knew it I was on eBay looking at WW1 Valentine's cards...
"I'm certainly up in the air about you, My Valentine"

Hmnnn, now then, when he says "I'm cetainly up in the air about you", does he mean "I'm jumping for joy about you", or "I can't quite decide how I feel about you"? Either way - riskily ambiguous!

Valentine's, it's a minefield.

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  1. What an a great selection,darlyng!-)*Woow!

    Special for Valentine day,love it!!!

    Hugs and love,