Style Scanner @ Crabshakk

Made it to Crabshakk last night for the first time in months. It's without doubt my favourite eatery in Glasgow at the moment and the closest our city has to New York's wondrously simple Pearl Oyster Bar. That said, at Crabshakk you won't get lobster rolls, buckets of "steamers" or even, as once happened on a visit to Pearl, Sandra Bullock pulling up a stool alongside.

We were seated in the mezzanine last night, which offered an unparalleled opportunity to intimately study Glasgow's ubiquitous Victorian cornicing.

It was a close run thing but the dishes you see below won-out over the 'Fruit de mer' which my companion thought "too lunchy"...

Tempura squid with coriander and soy dipping sauce.

Seared scallops with anchovies.

Lemon sole with skinny fries.

Silence (almost) for the saucy affogato...


  1. Scallops and anchovy a favorite of mine!a nice looking place! the espresso looks short and tight with nice crema..just how I like it.. on my list when I get to Glasgow.
    A great post by the way!

  2. The food looks lovely! I shall definitely pay Crabshakk a visit when I next go to Glasgow. Thanks for that xx