Alexandra Shulman - Editor of British Vogue @ London Fashion Week

Couldn't believe it when I spotted Alexandra Shulman at Hix during London Fashion Week. She has been reigning Editor at British Vogue for nearly two decades.

However, until Googling "Alexandra Shulman" today, I had absolutely no idea that her mother is 'modern manners' expert Drusilla Beyfus!  Drusilla's book "Lady Behave - A guide to modern manners for the 1970's" is a treasured favourite. I found my copy - fitfully branded "Glamorgan Education Committee County Libraries", in a Glasgow charity shop a few years ago. Lord only knows why I got into collecting vintage etiquette books, it's not like I was running with diplomats, (not even close) but I did throw the occasional cocktail party and after all, 'tis better to have known the rules and lost...or something like that.

One thing's for sure, Drusilla certainly wouldn't have approved of the lumpen way I approached her daughter for a picture. Therefore, despite Alexandra graciously consenting, I feel I ought to make amends...

Dear Alexandra,
I wish to convey my sincere gratitude for your taking the time, despite my blunderbuss manner, to grant me a picture.
(Please don't tell your mother)
Most gratefully yours,
Style Scanner.

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  1. That's so nice that she let you snap her photo! I doubt Anna Wintour would be as friendly. :)