DJ Paul Nicholls "Thee Mr Mister" @ Bar Bloc

On the 4th Saturday of the month, DJ Paul Nicholls "Thee Mr Mister" has been packing out Glasgow's Bar Bloc.  Friends keep telling me what a great night I'm missing - and I hate missing out!  So sure enough (and exactly as promised), last night's basement party climaxed with dancing on tables… 

Chris and Paul "Thee Mr Mister", who played an for an impressive four hours!

Recently diagnosed with cancer, Paul has candidly chronicled his experiences on his remarkable blog Music Is Disease.


  1. thank you soo soo much for doing this, and thank you again for your kind gift, really blew mind I cant say thank you enough.

    Big kiss



  2. Awe Paul you're so welcome, I had such a great time on Saturday and putting this post together was a joy. (Still can't get over you playing a four hour set - amazing!)
    Big kiss right back atcha,
    Marina xx

  3. ach 4 hours is standard for me, I'm too selfish to let someone else join in haha, glad you have fun and I love the photato's xxxx