WilliamVintage Strikes Again...

"My, isn't Billy Banks-Blaney a good-looking boy?" AA Gill, The Times.

Come May 25th, it's going to be handbags at dawn once again when Will Banks-Blaney unveils his latest hoard of couture. When he isn't interior designing for Oprah Winfrey, Will's scouring the globe seeking out the finest quality couture pieces for the cult WilliamVintage sales. 

 60s Pierre Cardin. 

80s Alaia play-suit.

You might also have seen his four page interview and photo spread in the May edition of Tatler.
If you're able to attend the sale, just be on your guard for a vivacious blond with slim wrists who may charmingly try to separate you from your intended booty. That's my friend Jo and she's under strict instructions that if it's black velvet or patent leather...it's mine!

For your Smythson Fashion Diary... 
Tuesday May 25th
10am - 8.30pm
Six Fitzroy Square


  1. AAAAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA! how right you are about the wrists and the prising...all with the sweetest of smiles and the grimmest of determination....lol and this time, i am taking pals....to help me carry my haul....i had to buy a suitcase last time, just to get everything back home...this is a smarter move, more fun, but probably more expensive!!!

  2. So I was really invited as your bellboy then, knew it you cheeky little minx!!! Will also did a beautiful job of enticing me down but this "couture" stuff doesn't make itself!
    And remember, black patent leather… (I'm such a gay man trapped in a woman's body). x

  3. Oh I like that Alaia play-suit !


    XOXO, C.