Chicks Who Smoke

A couple of years ago I made a half-hearted stab at photographing chefs on their fag break. It's a fairly ubiquitous sight around Glasgow but after two attempts and nearly getting beaten up, I put "Smokin' Chefs" into an early grave. Think this may be why I have such a soft spot for the brilliantly niche Chicks Who Smoke blog. 

Here's the concept in the words of its creators: "Chicks Who Smoke was originally conceived by Sean Maguire in the fall of 2007, inspired by images of Kate Moss indulging in her favourite pastime. Suggested as a possible project idea to Mark Dorrian, this later became an obsession. The aim of Chicks Who Smoke was to explore the beauty and elegance a woman exudes during this essentially impure act."

Coming up to the 100th post, Mark wanted to do something a bit different to celebrate and "close that particular chapter". The idea to reunite the original girls in a group shot was suggested by his friend, actress Jaime Winstone, who herself has featured on the blog. 
Mark and Sean then asked if I'd like to collaborate with them on the secret Glasgow shoot, hell yeah. I will be posting my pictures on Style Scanner in tandem with Mark's over on Chicks Who Smoke. 

Now let me introduce you to the girls, who were all amazing! Back row: Camille, Gemma and Hollie, Front row: Gill, Laila and Marie. Foreground: Mark Dorian.

(For the record, I don't myself but am rather partial to the occasional cigar...)

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  1. gorgeous, I know I shouldn't - but I can't help but think smoking still looks ridiculously elegant in photography - some of my favourite mossy shots are ones where she's smoking.

    damnit, I'm going to hell! ;) x