Hotel Gilchrist

Despite living just round the corner and having had over a weeks notice, I only made it to Hotel Gilchrist with half an hour to spare before the weekend long exhibition closed its doors!

It had the feel of a more subversive D.I.Y. version of Douglas Gordon's pristine Common Guild exhibition space.

Silja Strom

"Seven Minutes of Leg Bending" a film by Julia Scott (pictured) and Romany Dear.

Julia said they scrapped their original, more elaborate film in favour of this one. On viewing, it's rather reminiscent of the Charleston which, coincidentally, I've witnessed being danced on two separate occasions recently.

I just can't remember who these are by, if you know please drop me a line as I'd love to credit the artist. 

*Edit*  they are by Ross Little (thanks Sam).

 Alex Misick performed "Alex in Wonderland" in this space. I put this piece of A4 paper in front of the door for scale...  think it might even be a meter cupboard! 

"The Inconvenience Bar" by Chris MacInnes. No inconvenience really, just the small matter of climbing a ladder to near ceiling height then crawling through a tiny hatch. More than a little 'Being John Malkovich'.

Video and room installation "Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea" by Lucy Livingstone.

 All this red and black left me craving a blast of 'Performance'.

The carnage from an earlier Max Prus performance.
The artist appears to be obsessed with Commander of the Hindenburg, Captain Max Pruss.
More wreckage.
The Hindenburg mobile in the corner didn't make it to the end in tact either and a participant broke the camera but Max didn't mind one bit since the piece was intended to explore the 'ego'. Max Prus. 
It was also great to unexpectedly experience Tom Marshallsay's art first hand. I'm more familiar with his music, which he records under the pseudonym Dam Mantle. This piece was created along with Richard McMaster. Behind the door was a darkened room. I sat in a solitary seat in front of a TV screen whilst myriad speakers suspended from the ceiling provided surround sound. Here's a little footage of my experience.

You can see some moving images of the opening night by clicking here.

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  1. this looks great, such a shame i hadn't heard about this, thanks for the great photos though!