Mark Eley (Eley Kishimoto) @ Heriot-Watt Fashion Show

Mark Eley, of Eley Kishimoto, who curated and directed last night's Heriot-Watt Galashiels graduate exhibition and fashion show, 'Representation: Presentation'.

The result was a very grown up, reined in and professional show. Thankfully devoid of the dreaded (and cringe making) "studenty-ness" one sometimes has to endure, models waving at their mums from the catwalk is not good, ever. Impressively cohesive collections, all quite different to each other and technically accomplished. 

The programme included a small picture representing each designers' collection, a contact email and a paragraph written by each of them by way of explanation. Sounds simple enough but you'd be amazed how difficult it sometimes is to try to decipher which designer did what after the fact.

My footage of the designers taking their bow in the show's finale.


  1. I love Eley Kishimoto, their collections are always so fun :) Although I once went to one of their shows where they played very strange children's music and laughter at the beginning, leading to many un-pc jokes about paedophilia amongst my friends :-S Shame about Cacharel...

  2. I love them too, the best desert boots I ever had were Eley Kishimoto, super comfy black suede, one went missing but I've kept the remaining one in the lame hope of a repatriation.
    And Duck, did you know the name Cacharel was inspired by a duck? x

  3. Love mark... he's very very sweet!

  4. Susie I only met him briefly but I found him very sweet too! xx

  5. Interactive video of most of the show's designs at