Megan: The Best Espresso in Scotland

New Zealand born Megan bought her dress online from America which she revealed is a really cheap way to buy vintage. 

I know Megan from frequenting Glasgow's newly opened Artisan Roast on Gibson Street where she's the enthusiastic and knowledgeable manager. Her espresso is ranked the best in Scotland and she's Scotland's No2 barista.

Not sure if this wonderful machine she's demonstrating is a roaster or a grinder but I know for a fact they roast a fresh batch of beans twice a week. 

Glasgow's newest coffee emporium, Artisan Roast  on Gibson Street.


  1. Its a roaster! they gone coffee crazy in Scotland!
    Been a long time since we rock and rolled! I attended a fashion show in Philadelphia for aspiring young designers and steered them to style scanner for inspiration. and I received many a thank you! BUT: I said don't thank me thank her!
    Great dress!

  2. love her dress !! great taste :D

    -fashion photographer Nam.

  3. So pleased you all like her dress, I loved how relaxed she looked in it considering it's floor length!
    (And Natural Selection - Thank you for sharing the love around Philadelphia!)

  4. thats my girl, all ways finding something a little quirky - love you honey - dad xxx