Ben - A Single Minded Man

When I first met Ben, nearly a year ago, he told me quite clearly that fashion PR was what he really wanted to do. Well I bumped into him yesterday lunchtime and have some very exciting news... he's moving to London next month to take up a prestigious internship with TOM FORD PR!!! 

One of Ben's style icons is Montgomery Clift and personally I think they have more than a little in common.

So pleased for you Ben. x


  1. Ben!!! Mummy and I are so proud! And clearly will be dropping in on you at work regularly :)


  2. 2 things - My hub and I have been following the Flight of The Concords since we saw them perform at Just For Laughs in Montreal. Look it up on You Tube, I think it's
    Love the video here.
    Secondly, such cool news about someone following their dream. Great stuff.