Recoat Gallery - The 3rd Birthday Party

Jenny with artist Lyken Love. Jenny warmly introduced herself with the marvelous line... "I'm the boobs" (for the recent Fools Gold tour) before revealing she's also the rep for Kasteel Cru beer. I was doubly impressed.

Film of the artist Insa enhancing Jenny's breasts in London at the start of the Fool's Gold tour.

Oh, I say... good show. Artist Rekor's moustache is coming along wonderfully. I enquire what you'd call this sort and after some chin scratching, we settle on The "Racer" Handlebar.

Hannah, who recently broke her leg (on a dance floor!), was so relieved when she finally got her plaster-cast removed that she forgot to ask for it back. No big deal other than it had been written on by some of the country's finest graffiti artists. Yowch.

The £1 raffle is drawn and this lucky fellow has just won himself a Mercedes customised by Insa.

Who's this in a La Boca  jacket from Sixpack France

It's Chris Casey, illustrator and author of We Can Never Stop.

Leo and Jacqueline.

Inkie and Insa Mural
Image via Recoat.

This wall had to be repainted multiple times to create the stop motion effect.

Inkie and Insa won't be the least bit impressed but I painted this Bridget Riley-esque canvas a couple of years ago to represent the momentary visuals I get if woken suddenly by a loud noise...! If you happen to be a brain surgeon and recognise this as a symptom of something neurologically sinister, please be so kind as to not let me know...

Visit Recoat Gallery to see all this for yourself.

Click the link to find out about this month's Amnesty graffiti exhibition in Edinburgh which kicks off tomorrow with the live graffiti performance (Sat 7th Aug).

*Edit* Check out Chris' post over at We Can Never Stop.

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