House of Blueeyes @ London Fashion Week

Johnny Blueeyes loves women, he really does. Stylist to a ream of musicians and performers including Beth Ditto, Peaches, Lovefoxxx and Ana Matronic, he just wants us all to be free to enjoy fashion in a positive way and as individual 'superstars'. 

Johnny sent word out that for the House of Blueeyes show, something very exciting would be going down in a Shoreditch strip joint. 

He wasn't lying. First up, a pool table strewn with balls attached to knitted phalluses. I only discover they're stuffed with lavender when someone sticks one under my nose for a sniff. 

And talk about indecision... you simply can't imagine the cogitation that goes into choosing one of these...

In the pink is singer Charli XCX.

Mr Webster, part of Johnny's "Warholian" House of Blueeyes collective is the designer of the knitted cocks and a whole lot more. Lady Gaga wears his black cape on The Fame Monster album.

I hear Beyonce is also a fan. As we chat at the bar, Mr Webster quietly confides that tonight I'll be one of the first to see his latest creation unveiled...

And what a reveal...

This should be in the Olympics. Seriously.

Chiqui modelling the PVC cape by Mr Webster.

 Jay Parker, photographer and intern at Ziad Gahnem. Loved his inked fingers.

Bert, Yorkshire Pearl jewellery designer.

Musician, Bishi.

The Bang Bang Club's John Pritchard.

Designer Dane Goulding with make-up artist Stephanie Stokkvik.

Cecilia Lundqvist of Bordello.

On the right is photographer Dominic S. John.

Singer Laura Welsh with the Silver Bullet himself... Ronnie Joice.


  1. God i want a shirt with dick too.
    I never saw that. Thats a good idea.It's dare but great.