Alphanauts by Lyken Love and Rekor

Wow! Entitled "Alphanauts"this incredible mural was the result of a collaboration between two renowned Scottish graffiti artists Lyken Love and Rekor
Having totally failed at graffiti myself, I have huge respect for anyone with the balls to boldly 'make marks' in this way. We designer types have a tendency to get way too anal and draftsman-like.

Various sized boards were hung across a whole wall for the live 'paint', then worked-up in more detail as individual artworks to be sold off in the silent auction. Think the film above clearly demonstrates the generous amounts of liquor LA Group fuelled everyone with throughout!

And now someone has just pressed a lovely big rum into my hand.

Having admired both artists' work previously at Recoat Gallery, I'm getting a little giddy at the possibility of owning my own Lyken/Rekor painting.

Oh what the hell, one more for the road, I scrawl a final bid before having to race off.

The next day Amy from Recoat emails. I've been the successful bidder on not one *gulp* but five Lyken/Rekor paintings, no such thing as a free drink then!

Actually the entire exhibition completely sold out so I'm pleased as punch and can't wait to pick them up. 

This may or may not be the artists known as Lyken Love and Rekor, couldn't possibly say...

I absolutely love them! They look great in the bedroom and help toughen-up the anodyne "hint of calamine lotion" coloured walls.  They're the last thing I see at night and the first thing I see in the morning and are proving to be quite day-dreamy and contemplative, much better than the telly...

Just hope the artists approve of my rather uptight arrangement. The 'designer's' voice in my head is taunting me... "Should have bid on one more small one, just to square off that bottom left corner..."

Let me introduce you (clockwise from top):
"My Teeth Itch"
"Some Small Adjustment"
"Crickets Chirp Less"
"Wolves Worry"
"Codec", the wee one in the middle.

Rekor's online presence has proved frustratingly elusive but I know for a fact he can usually be found at Recoat Gallery!

Recoat's latest exhibition 'A is for Etc' runs until 7th November.


  1. Very interesting pieces, thanks for sharing!!

  2. that Lyken boy is a poser. Showing off with his lovely full mane of hair whilst the rest of us in VK couldnt scrape a full head of hair between us.

  3. Ahaha, funny you should say that Mr Vero, I actually toyed with loosing that photo altogether in favour of just a description of each of them - his would have read:
    "… and Lyken, recognisable by his magnificent 'pop-star' hair…".
    (We'll be in big trouble for this Mr V!)