The Fall Fair: Show and Tell

Bumped into Scott and Lauren at the Jordanhill Fall Fair yesterday. Inside Scott's vintage case was a long green mohair coat he'd just bagged himself, looked in amazing condition.

Didn't do badly myself either.
 In a 60s style...


Also took a punt on a commercial espresso maker for a tenner. I have previous when it comes to shiny machines... 

Once picked up a beautiful chrome Kirby vacuum cleaner in a charity shop, turned out to be a bit of a beast if you've only got floorboards so I gave it to a mechanic friend who converted it into a sander. That Kirby must hate me, after years of being kept in a dark cupboard, it now happily resides in 'semi-retirement' sanding down yachts in Sardinia. True story. 

Spent today cleaning up my new toy up and firing 'blanks' of water before the first espresso.

Not much 'crema' but the kitchen smells amazing. If you did pop along to the Fall Fair, I hope you were lucky too.


  1. If you need any help.. just give me a shout.

    PS very sweet and shiny.

  2. That coffee machine looks great on your lovely wooden worktop! Judith xx

    ...and Lauren's jacket looks like the one I handed in only the day before - Angus

  3. Lulu, think I'll take you up on that - thank you! x
    Judith, why thank you kindly x
    Gus, know what, I didn't even think to ask but it wouldn't surprise me in the least! x