Nichol Wheatley

The great friends and longtime collaborators, Nichol Wheatley and Alasdair Gray, both Glasgow School of Art graduates. 
(More on Alasdair in the next post.)

My friend Nichol Wheatley held a solo exhibition at Heart Buchanan recently. Better known for his larger scale commercial work as head of Glasgow's Perfect Circle Art, these paintings and drawings were a rather personal challenge he'd set himself.

Having recovered from a serious lung condition (sarcoid), Nichol resolved to create a series of pictures free from any commercial brief. I really love the powerful self portrait above, which was the first thing he did after the illness.

He is also the founder of Maryhill Art School. Have heard tales of weekend drawing classes punctuated with long Mediterranean style lunches...

Glad to see things are looking up for Nichol.

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  1. Cool portrait from scanners,
    Just thought you might like it