Halloween Part 1: Nightmare on Hope Street...

'The Brothers Grant': Jamie and Robbie.

The quietly modest folks at Hope Street Studios are not only some of the planet's finest 'graphic novel' artists and colourists - they know how to throw a damn good party too!

 Jamie is always the perfect host... This was Saturday night's punch. 

So it turns out The Hunchback of Notre Dame has a pretty kick-ass taste in music!

Death row inmate.

Princess Leia the vampire slayer and 'Mystic Meg'. (Photo by Brian).

Brian and Camille.

Even Charlie Chaplin made an appearance.

One of these two is a former ballet dancer, can you guess which one?

Superman was going a wee bit overboard on the old krypronite but I can confirm that vodka and coke appears to make a half decent antidote in a fix.

Clark Kent, who's now going by the alias Chris Connelly.

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  1. Fab pic's! Love the punch. Who's that cute kittenish girl dressed up as Mystic Meg?