Southern Fried: *Kevin McCardle and his amazing record collection!*

Ventured South for some Northern Soul last night.

Candysnaps and Wine Splodge.

In the late 60s, Dave Godin, music journalist and owner of London record shop 'Soul City' noticed kids from the North of England craved a harder, funkier sound than Londoners. He simply created a new category for the (mostly black American) vinyl they preferred and labelled it Northern Soul! 
He was credited with coining the term Northern Soul in print in his 'Blues and Soul' music column around the summer of 1970.

Long time Northern Soul fan, Kevin McCardle (above), struck up a lifelong friendship with Godin after a chance encounter in Edinburgh.
On Dave Godin's death in 2004, he bequeathed Kevin his entire Northern Soul record collection. That vinyl has been having almost monthly outings on Glasgow's South side in the shape of the Southern Fried nights. Kevin is taking a break for a few months to do some travelling but the night will still continue with Stuart at the helm.

DJ Brian Dunne who not only came all the way from Dublin but was the first man on the dancefloor!

Niamh and Brian.

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  1. lovely post, Marina, and smashing pics - thanks a lot.

    But you shouldn't forget my partner in rhythm, Stuart, who has an excellent ear for a dance-floor smash and impeccable taste to boot. He's going to be carrying on with the SouFri while I'm away.

    And Dave told me of his intention re his records before he died, so it wasn't a complete surprise. Still a totally life-changing event, though.

    That video clip, at the 26 second mark - that's our friend Steve Cato, who's been a guest DJ for us before. Amazing dancer. The footage was shot for a Moloko video, and you can see Roisin Murphy in there too, as well as many well-kent dancers from the current Northern scene.

    Anyway, glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the post.


  2. Kevin I can't tell you how hard I tried to persuade Stuart to have his picture taken (twice) - all to no avail… will still try again though ha ha!
    Have now added that he'll take over while you're away.

    So funny that you know one of the dancers in the video!

    P.S. I felt very privileged to have had the last dance of the night with you - have a brilliant time on your travels you two,
    M xx