Omar Zingaro Bhatia

Always a pleasure to get a visit from my friend Omar but the second I clocked 'the briefcase' I knew that on this occasion, it was strictly business. (As opposed to the 'attache case' which tends to indicate slightly more relaxed activities, like clubbing.)

Sure enough he'd been dashing around town hand delivering all his artworks to their respective new owners. If you do buy an Omar Zingaro Bhatia painting and happen to live in Glasgow, remember to request his OZB hand delivery service. There's no extra charge but beware, there may be a cost, woke up with a vague memory of agreeing to hear a travelling band of Romanian Gypsies play in the new year. Sounds fun, probably more an 'attache case' kind of night.

Thank y'omar.

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  1. Briefcase in the heater - that's what I looked like when I went shooting in the Highlands(!)

  2. Och aye, yer much better aff wi the breeches Douglas, it's only them 'tourists' whit cut aboot the moors in the kilt these days! x