K-X-P @ The Captains Rest

Having bought tickets for last night's K-X-P gig back in the carefree days preceding this weekend's dancing injury (torn calf muscle - prescription: crutches!), I wasn't about to let a perilously steep flight of stairs at The Captain's Rest stand in my way.

Yesterday, as the nurse issues me with my crutches, I ask if she has any advice for getting up and down stairs - a fellow patient loudly bellows through the 'privacy' curtain: 
"Aye hen - on yer bum!" 
The nurse and I both stifle a laugh before she sympathetically confirms that it's the best way right enough. 
No chance. Have made some undignified entrances in my time but I repeat, no chance. 

Well, I made it and Finnish 'Krautrock orientated' K-X-P took us on a hell of a journey, a staggeringly powerful output for just drums, bass and synth.
Was all I could do to not dance.

Optimo's JD Twitch, K-X-P frontman Timo Kaukolampi and Iona.

Optimo have done a remix of K-X-P's '18 Hours (of Love)'...


  1. Really wish I'd bothered my arse to go to the gig now...

  2. Well, here's a wee blast for you...