Apartness - Pop Surrealism Exhibition @ Recoat

Artist Jacob Smith if front of one of his utterly resplendent paintings. 

Pretty sure this is the first time I've ever said to a stranger... "I'd love it if you'd put your head right here for me, just below the tits, that's fantastic."

Amy, co-owner of Recoat Gallery who are kicking off 2011 with this eye poppingly strong exhibition.


Ruth Hollywood.

Artists Omar and Elph.

Pamela Tait.

You can see Chris' work at the Amended Lines group exhibition which opens this Tuesday evening (Feb 15th 6-9pm), at Glasgow Print Studios.

The 'Apartness' opening night was actually so rammed that I came back the next day to get a better look at the walls...

By Michael Forbes, (Ricky Gervais and Terry Gilliam are fans).

Ally -  Recoat's other half!

Click here to find out which artist did what.

*Newsflash* My scanners inform me that now cyclist Lance Armstrong has bought four pieces from Recoat. Amazing.

The exhibition runs till 6th March, 12 - 6pm Tues-Sun at Recoat Gallery (Kelvinbridge).
Or you can see the works online here.


  1. the pamela tait stuff is perfect xx

  2. Bless those two tall gentlemen for stooping
    so my 5 ft 9 (on a good day, with the wind behind me) seemed if not statuesque at least adequate.

  3. Beewaits, agreed - isn't it beautiful? x

    Lykenlove, I suspect those two knew fine well that given the photographer's *ahem* low eyeline, if they hadn't obliged - their heads may not have been in shot! x