Birds of a Feather...

Came over 'all of a flutter' when I saw what the girls from Cindy Hancock Designs had to offer at the recent Granny Would be Proud vintage and craft fair at Hillhead Bookclub.

Later, my friend Ally informs me that for the startlingly reasonable sum of £10, I've bagged some pheasant and a bit of woodcock.

Sarah from Perthshire Plumage also caught my eye, her work features local roadkill - this impressed me greatly!

'Retro' make-up artist Kirsty from Cupcake Perfection with the latest satisfied customer, Hannah.

Laurie and Sarah from vintage clothing and up-cycling company Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea.

Jen from Savy Sailor. Only a koumpounophobia sufferer could fail to like this stall...

25 stalls and the next Granny Would be Proud sale is this Sunday 6th Feb, 12 - 5pm upstairs at Hillhead Bookclub. 

Don't forget that at exactly the same time on Sunday afternoon, the fantastic Say No to Plastic vintage and craft fair is happening right next door at Oran Mor from 12.30 - 4.30pm, so you can kill two birds with one stone...


  1. sarah from perthshire plumage is wearing WLTB, great to see you last night darlin, hope the dinner party is grand x

  2. Ha ha, EVERYONE loves We Love To Boogie!!!
    Such fun to see you too Greg and the dinner party ended up an absolute hoot (think we've formed a band...!!!) see ya soon xxx