Cold Cave

Cold Cave drummer Guy Licata outside The Captain's Rest last year. 

'Prurient' AKA Dominick Fernow, keyboards/noise Cold Cave.

New York based Cold Cave play Glasgow's Stereo tonight (Thursday 31st March).

Noise core, cold wave, industrial... hell I don't know but if you like Joy Division and a bit of 'distortion' turns you on then DO NOT miss this! Personally, I still have a soft spot for the first album 'Cremations', the second album 'Love Comes Close' is superb but a tad 'pop' in comparison.

Shot this footage at last year's outstanding Captain's Rest gig. Sullen frontman Wesley Eisold sang 'side on' to the crowd which was suitably odd, my camera has contributed a little extra distortion to the audio.

Coincidentally, Glasgow's Optimo did a remix of Cold Cave's 'Life Magazine' last year.

The new album 'Cherish The Light Years' comes out on April 5th but you can preview it here.

Tickets here or on the door for Cold Cave at Stereo tonight Thursday 31st March, I highly recommend it!