Adieu Yoann...

Nicky and Yoann.

The first time I properly met artist Yoann Reininger was at a party, he was looking pretty "gangsta" in a full length ladies fur coat. 

Leaning over, he confided in a thick French accent "I'm feeling a little bit tipsy - and I plan to stay zis way." Knew instantly we'd make an auld alliance.

"The Glaswegian" by Yoann Reininger.

Fell in love with this painting as soon as I saw it and it still makes me smile like no other painting ever has.

Natalie, Nicky and Amy.

Nicky's recent Birthday dinner ended in Nice and Sleazy's which turned out to be the last night out I had with Yoann, who left Glasgow for France yesterday. After four years, he's decided to go back to Marseilles to focus on his painting.

Nicky with Omar.

Steven and Fangs keyboard player Lloyd.

Forget those Sleazy imitators Yoann - this is what a real "Glasgow Kiss" should feel like!

Amy with JoJo Doll, whose band Fangs play alongside Primal Scream and The Horrors this Thursday at the Eden Sessions.

Late one night, after dinner and sufficient wine, I persuaded Yoann to make Yves Saint Laurent his Facebook profile picture.

Can't resist a lookey-likey!

Bisous from all of your friends here in Glasgow Yoann, tu es toujours le bienvenu ici  x