Sven Werner and his outlandish productions

Filmmaker, pianist, composer and installation artist Sven Werner. 

Sven's latest "walk-in" cinema production is happening at 10pm this Thursday, Friday and Saturday in Finnieston.

Here are some pictures I took at the performance he did with Outland Productions in February. We were warned there would be a strict 10 minute window to get in, after which the doors of the secret location would be locked.

I know it's not very clear but this was a huge home-made looking projector. Someone slowly turned the large handle and what looked like long abstract patterns painted onto acetate became a magical projected skyscape..

Here's Sven playing the moving piece he'd composed for the show from a train carriage which we were invited to walk through. Singers sang, train announcers announced and we were all spellbound...

An atmospheric art/performance/film/music crossover. 

"Tales of Magical Realism" happens this week at 10pm on Th 16th, Fri 17th and Sat 18th June.

Tickets are £10 and available from the GFT, Coffee Chocolate and Tea in Finnieston and Merchant City Cameras. The secret location is on your ticket which must be bought in advance and doors will open for 10 minutes only - then get locked!

I highly recommend this.


  1. got mine today.
    It was so secret the guy at the GFT let me ramble &
    made me impart every scrap of info I had whilst looking at me like I was mental until he admitted he did in fact have tickets.

  2. Ahaha! You're quick off the mark Lyken! You coming to tomorrow's show? x

  3. ja, tomorrow, face-tubed you. ;)