Type Casting...

Not for the first time, fast talking New Yorker Camille Lorigo hit me up with a proposition I couldn't refuse. 
In truth, all I really caught over the busy din of Stravaigin was "...old typewriters...stream of consciousness...Hope Street Studios...let's write a book in a weekend." 
Hey, this could be a kick, I was in. Completing our beat writing troika was the actor and writer Stephen Sheriff. 

But after what seemed a respectable amount of time spent 'thinking very fast and typing very slow', we completely ditched the troublesome typewriters and went "back to mac - daddy-o". 

To be continued... just as soon as us squares can get our shit together once again!


  1. hey love that top photo xx

  2. Thanks Jolene, honestly wasn't as earnest an affair as it looks! xx

  3. I can't believe you chose convenience over style! Surely you should have let the typewriter shape the form of the prose... unless, of course, it actually sprained your fingers.

  4. looking forward to the book launch...

  5. I know Feijoa - to be honest, it was game over for the typewriters once someone said we sounded like Murder She Wrote…
    Flannery, for that level of optimism, you've just won yourself an advance copy…!