EYHO with Scottee - Possibly the best show at the Edinburgh Fringe...

The EYHO (Eat Your Heart Out) show was hands down my absolute favourite from last year's Fringe. A flurry of 5 star reviews and Master of Ceremonies 'Scottee Scottee' winning Time Out's 'Performer of The Year' just goes to highlight how exciting this collective are.

WARNING: Don't be lulled into a false sense of security by the warm, camp and glittery look of this show, I'm loathe to give anything away but last year the performance had in fact started as we waited for the show to start (see what I mean? This lot will have your brain engaged before you know what just happened...)

EYHO  Facebook page.

"The politest kick up the arse you'll get all year!"

CLICK HERE for tickets.

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