I periodically get asked why I don't put my own work on the blog, I think I just wanted it to be separate but perhaps I should be sharing it a bit more.

This commission was a 'lime inspired' costume for the launch of Glasgow's Limelight Bar and Grillthe remit was brief: "a 60s inspired dress with a large picture hat heavily featuring limes". Perfect.
Think I cleaned the UK out of artificial lime slices in one fell swoop and the largest hat shape that I could find only came in blue - nothing an afternoon with a can of spray paint couldn't fix!

Personally, I always request that the model/actor come for a fitting ahead of shoot day. Although this can be a little more expensive, it's the only way to ensure a perfect fit and has the added benefit of allowing the artist to visualise what they'll be wearing on the day. 


  1. Wow, a rather bizarre request, no?

  2. I know, right? But they were adamant that's what they wanted and seemed to really love the results. (I'm told one of the female company directors wore the hat to Ascot!) x