Omar Zingaro Bhatia - nominated "Most Stylish Male" in the 2011 Scottish Style Awards

My friend and OMARINA collaborator, artist Omar Zingaro Bhatia has just been nominated 'Scotland's Most Stylish Male' in the 2011 Scottish Style Awards!

Damn right...

I find individualists like Omar who have a strong sense of personal style incredibly inspiring.

With model Emily Butler after a recent shoot.

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot, as well as winning a slew of awards for his art, Omar was also recently ranked Scotland's 4th most eligible bachelor!

Wearing the silk Art Scarf we designed for our OMARINA label.

Congratulations Omar!

His newest artworks go on display tonight as part of the Document 9 festival. Open all this week noon - midnight at The Old Hairdressers opposite Stereo. Opens Monday 17th, 7 - late.

Everyone's very welcome to pop along to the opening party tonight for a glass of wine. Falconry will be playing their 'calypso electronica' live and Paul from Franz Ferdinand will be DJ-ing.


  1. brilliant! Recently struck with how much my boy looks like a mini-Omar sometimes...odd. Have to say that his Les Garcons 'Cruise' photo trumps all the others. Not that I'm stalking...he just happens to keep popping up on my facebook/blogroll.
    Have a grand time tonight.

  2. Ha ha, thanks Andrea and don't worry - I half think Omar might rather like the idea of having a stalker! xx

  3. ha! no joy! 5 children = no time for stalking ;)

  4. 5 children - sheesh! Guess that's where stalking gets you! ;) xx