Menergy Fierce Ruling Diva's Ball & Jonny Woo!

This year I was invited to be a judge at the 2011 Menergy Fierce Ruling Diva's Ball - having once been described as 'a gay man trapped in a womans body' I thought... BRING IT! 

Surprise guest, the queen of London's alternative drag scene, Jonny Woo with Menergy's hostess Lady Munter.

The official photographer for "The Best Of Jonny Woo" show at the Arches earlier in the evening was Anita Russo. She invited Jonny along to Menergy and has kindly let me use the image below...

Think every man, boy and girl left with a wee a crush on him!


  1. Niall looks frigging amazing in that photo. A hint of the Rippon I might add.

    O x

  2. Yes, maybe a wee hint of The Rippon x