David Mullane from W2 Store speaks @ the Scotland Re:Designed 2014 Glasgow Showcase

David Mullane

Having founded one of the city's most knowing menswear boutiques 'W2 Store' David is well placed to offer insight into what retail buyers are looking for from designers. He placed the first ever UK retail order for Ann Demeulemeester, has a long standing working relationship with Comme des Garcons and brought the Antwerp Six to Glasgow whilst Merchandise Director of seminal 80s/90s designer store The Warehouse.

David's top tips for designers:

*Never prefix an email with "Dear Sir/Madam".

*Do your research and find out some info about potential buyers.

*Make sure your cash-flow can sustain the manufacture of any orders.

*Exclusivity is attractive to buyers, multiple stockists in the same city is not.

*Be aware of seasonal buying cycles and make appointments well in advance.

*Don't hard sell, give buyers time to think how your collection could fit into their store.

*Be knowledgeable and enthusiastic about your product.

*Visit art galleries!

W2 Store

Scotland Re:Designed

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