Hayley Scanlan

I was very excited to see this jacket in person. I was also looking forward to chatting to Hayley herself. More of that later...
In case you don't know the story behind this jacket, when Erin O'Cconnor saw it, at the 2009 Duncan of Jordanstone Annual Degree Show, she was so impressed that she commissioned Hayley to make her one.

"As soon as I saw the jacket on the catwalk...I had to be the first to have one"- Erin O'Connor.

Hayley didn't make it to the 'Zombie Porn Factory' event, someone said she was stuck in Spain after a bit of a drama. Later on I checked out her blog...


Fortunately, despite breaking her 'drawing and making' hand in 3 places after a trampoline related accident, she no longer requires surgery and is healing rapidly. Phew. Get well soon Hayley...

Check out Hayley's blog for updates


  1. what a twist for the update. hope everyone is OK

  2. Note to self: avoid trampolines.

  3. wow..how did that happen to her eye?

  4. My friend and I were on a trampoliine...drunk..he smashed into my eye, knocked me out and I landed on my hand. No more trampolines for me!

  5. That jacket is incredible...I need one!

    And I too am going to stear clear of trampolines now...