'Johnny Blue Eyes' Feeling The Love @ London Fashion Week

I met stylist and performance artist Johnny Blue Eyes last week at Digitaria's LFW Party. I'm pretty sure his eyes were blue, just in case you're wondering.

Johnny is also the founder and figurehead of 'House of Blueeyes', a London based collective of designers and artists, who collaborate in a way reminiscent of the Warhol Factory. You can find the label at Digitaria London.

In person, he just oozes good vibes, so no surprise that the 'House of Blueeyes' Spring/Summer 2010 show, at the start of London Fashion Week, was an upbeat futuristic disco of a spectacle, themed "I feel love".

This is Johnny taking his bow, in his own, very unique way. Within minutes everyone's feeling the love too, the floor of the Jalouse club in Hanover Square gradually fills up and it's disco time! Job done.

Did I mention Lady GaGa's a fan? PVC cape by Andrew for House of Blueeyes.

Gold mask and ring by Glasgow's own Carol Wiseman for House Of Blueeyes.

In the (sort of) words of Gloria Gaynor - "Johnny...you are what you are...you are your own special creation".

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