Style Scanner @ Digitaria London Fashion Week Party

This is Stavros Karelis, Creative Director of Digitaria, the designer boutique, gallery and performance space in what was a tailor's shop in Soho.

Karelis, in collaboration with Greek fashion designer Eleftheria Arapoglou, launched the Digitaria label. Given the success of the Athens showroom, they've now brought the concept to London. Performance artist Scottee is the current curator.

Digitaria also work with lots of talented new designers and help them to promote their collections. Garments can be made to measure and designer collaborations abound.

In the silver jacket beside Stavros is stylist Paul Joyce who is the buyer for Digitaria

Scarlett forgave me for not knowing who she was...whoops!

This headpiece was extraordinary and I'm kicking myself for not trying it on, it even has blinkers for God's sake. I'm sure I heard someone say the plume is real human hair which can be dyed. Pieces like this are a stylists dream. Just imagine, boring & boring have asked you to style their next ad campaign for a good few pony, you normally "only do editorial stuff" but what the hell, it's a bit quiet this time of year anyway. Stick this on the model wearing the company's best selling (most boring) 'hacking jacket' and things start to get a bit exciting.

This freaky Wallpaper was designed by illustrator James Unsworth.

Hope you stuck some mothballs in there Scottee!

I tried the pom-pom headband on, just in case it was fabulous on me. See below for the general consensus...

No shortage of hospitality in the basement either, Paul mixes up some crazy Thai cocktails to get the creative juices flowing - that's the second time I've encountered a graffiti wall in 2 weeks, didn't see that coming or I'd have practiced!

I've always found the fabric shops on Berwick Street really helpful and friendly, I'm normally pestering them down the phone from Glasgow - " When you say 'ivory' is that like a 'creamy ivory' or more a 'cool off white'?...great, and can you get that to Glasgow by tomorrow A.M.?" They always do. So I shouldn't have been at all surprised that this collective, who've made Berwick Street their base, was one of the friendliest and forthright I'd encountered in fashion for a while. Not at all cynical or 'distant' like some of the bigger names at fashion week. Very refreshing.

Not sure if it was the Thai cocktails or the 'buzz' from all those marker pens but the sentiment was there, right?

I took some film for atmosphere.

σας ευχαριστώ για τη φιλόξενη μεταχείριση

(Thank you for your hospitality Digitaria)

60 Berwick St


  1. I desperately need that Katie Eary headpiece with the red hair and blinkers. Genius!

  2. I know, I've been having dreams about that little piece of regalia, I think it was about £450 so don't go doing anything rash Queen Michelle -
    like pawning the Crown Jewels to buy it!