Gary Wilson - Fashion Designer

Snapped this cheeky chap for Style Scanner way back in June at Glasgow's Cardonald College End of Year Show. Turns out he'd designed one of the collections I'd thought was outstanding.

So please allow me to formally introduce you to Gary Wilson, who not only enquired what the picture was for (and remembered) but also asked to see the image I'd just taken, I liked that - this guy's nobody's fool, he'll go far!

Gary's now at Northumbria School of Design and has been working closely with a group of fellow students and the Top Shop design team in a competition to create a collection for next year's A/W range.
Here's some more of Gary's designs.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Paris based Moon Young Hee's SS/10 collection a few weeks ago - unbelievably similar, yet Gary's was stomping the catwalk six months earlier! I'm not saying it's time for him to call the lawyers, just thinking she should give him a job...

Above and below, Moon Young Hee's designs.

Actually it looks like Gary's already bagged a couple of designer placements. The first is with Ada Zanditon in London this June and he is in talks with New York designer Christian Joy. In the meantime he's working on a collection of two-tone and printed leggings which will be available soon.

Over and out...for now!


  1. I feel weird writing this, but what the hell, I'll atleast make some one laugh or go EWWWW. Nyways here it goes:

    I used to watch FTV for chicks only, but somehow I started watching the designers working on their collections, and poof, I saw the art in it. For me anything pretty is musical. ( I've no idea what that means), when the damsels walk the catwalk, I can see the music of colors in sway of the dresses. I can see the imagination of the designer come to life. (don't tell this to anyone)!!

  2. Wherever you are - stop drinking the water! Actually on seconds thoughts, don't, (thanks for sharing and I won't tell a soul)....