Blythswood Square - A Rather Racy Hotel

Welcome to Glasgow's newly opened Blythswood Square Hotel.

The former home of the Royal Scottish Automobile Club has been transformed by The Townhouse Collection Company into the city's newest hotel with 5 star aspirations. I felt we ought to go for cocktails.

When I started snapping, Michael at reception offered to let us see more.

Above is the salon. Harris Tweed hasn't featured in an interior on this sort of scale since the QE2 in the 1960's.

A red lantern in each window has got to be a tongue in cheek reference to Blythswood Square's nocturnal past.

An entire wall of this room is covered in a blown up image of the Monte Carlo Rally which departed from the Square outside, in 1955.

Cocktails were lent an authentic prohibition air - we nursed a bottle of sparkling water for 20 minutes while a single cocktail menu eventualy found its way to us. Of course seconds later a waiter returns, poised to take our order. A brief glance and this one spoke to me. Another 20 minute wait and our drinks arrive. Not the place for a quick pit stop then. I should flag up that they'd only been open 5 days and this was their first Saturday night, so I shall of course be back, but will be applying my 3 strikes rule!

I liked the sound of that one, but everything "floral and light" was slightly drowned out by the lemon juice.

Although by that time, this lady wasn't complaining.

Blythswood Square Hotel

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  1. oh. picture-esque hotel.
    what a nice place to take pictures in ;)