Happiness By The Ounce

Must have had a bout of short term memory loss because I completely forgot to review my sample of Black Afgano - the hashish inspired scent by Nasomatto. (See: This Smells Dope). Above is what made it through customs and surfaced in the mail from the US. I paid $12 inc UK postage to Lucky Scent who threw in 3 extra samples, nice touch.

It's actually a men's fragrance - but that's never stopped me before. On the skin it does indeed smell smokey and resinous. A little sweet for me but very warm and oriental with a hint of powdery musk. At least it's natural smelling, a lot of the more mainstream perfumes are, to me, totally synthetic and monotonous, yuk. Black Afgano would smell great on a leather biker jacket as a more subtle alternative to patchouli - if that's your scene.

Wore it on a half-hearted charity shop trip round the fine establishments of Partick, no obvious psychoactive effects...or were there?


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